Debate on The Future of Europe

Debate on The Future of Europe

Speech future of Europe


There will be no future of Europe as we know it.

Because there is no past or future in Islam.

Every reminder of a non-islamic past will be destroyed.

Every possibility of a non-islamic future will be killed.

The future of Europe will be the caliphate.

But first Europe will be torn apart by religious and ideological wars.

That is the warning, we get from almost every ex-muslim who dares to speak out.

Who dares to speak out, because ex-muslims are murdered everywhere.

That is the future of Europe, unless the European countries start a program of de-islamizing now.

The EU is not just useless.

The EU is not just an obstacle to fight this terrible threat.

No, the EU itself is the threat to the future of Europe.

It embraced the globalist agenda of self-destruction of the European culture and the agenda of replacement of the European people by people from islamic countries.

It opened its borders and spent billions to invite millions of uneducated people from a backward culture that will launch Europe straight back to the Middle Ages.

Islam means gender inequality, polygamy, child marriage, slavery, honour killings,

means death for unbelievers,

means absolute power to a political and religious elite.

The future of Europe must be a future of revolt against the EU, against the globalist agenda, against islamization.

It must a future for our cultural heritage, for our national identity, for our national sovereignty.

Or there will be no future at all.

Therefore, I welcome the victory of the euro sceptical parties in Italy.

I welcome the stubborn resistance of Victor Orban, who fights the disruptive agenda of Soros.

I welcome the courage of the Visegrad group to fight the madness of Merkel’s open border policy.

Patriots fight together for the future of Europe, for the future of our children.

And we will prevail.


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