The Future EU-Caliphate

The Future EU-Caliphate

Speech debate on the future of Europe

Let me give you a scenario, which is not in the white book of Mr. Juncker.
When the EU continues on its present course, the future of Europe will be islamic.
That is the objective of the islamic world. That is the objective of the EU-elite.
It is the aim of the open border policy.
It is the aim of this criminal mass immigration.

Of course, there are casualties of abuse, murder and rape.
That is the price to pay for the extermination of national identities.
That is deliberate EU-policy.
There is only one obstacle on the road to the European caliphate
and that are the patriotic citizens, who vote for patriotic parties.
The EU has declared these parties their enemies, their biggest threat.
In the EU the rule of law does not apply to patriots. They are homo sacer.
The future of Europe is the caliphate, unless the citizens rise and defend their culture and identity.


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