The Road to Federalism is Dead

The Road to Federalism is Dead

Speech Conclusions European Council 14-15 December 2017

The conclusions of the European Council do not spend a word on migration and Brexit.
Obviously, the Council is in need for proper guidance.
So allow me:
Mass migration blasts us back to the Middle Ages, which reveals that the globalist elite wants the people once again to be ignorant and obedient.
• They let the illiterate march in by the millions
• Let political opponents be silenced
• Let islam become the ruling ideology, as her followers are subservient cannon fodder.
That is why Poland and Hungary must be sanctioned.
Now, let us be clear: Poland and Hungary defend the true Rule of Law and the true Human Rights.

So, I urge this Commission
• to fully support the Polish and Hungarian government
• and to congratulate Austria with their new government.

For the same reasons, the globalist elite seeks to destroy the United Kingdom with a horror deal of death
by exclusion from the single market or
a complete and utter submission to the directives of the European Commission and the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice and an astronomical Brexit bill.

Imagine the panic:
• No deal will bring the UK 650 billion
• No deal will cost the EU 500 billion
The benefits of a single market is clearly a fairy tale.

I warn this Commission once again: the road to federalism is a dead end.
Change your course and aim at the sovereignty of the nation state.


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