Victory of Lega Nord in the Italian elections.

Victory of Lega Nord in the Italian elections.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

The results of the elections in Italy are a big blow for the EU-extremists, for the aggressive EU-radicals that want to submit the people of the member states to a soviet style superstate.

The communist regimes of Stalin and Mao tried to annihilate the thousand years old cultures of their states. They tried to force the individual citizens into a rigid uniformity of thought and behaviour. They applied the tactics of moving millions of citizens from one part or their empire to another just to destroy their identity.

We see the same perverted tactics in the European Union. And the peoples of the EU are starting to feel the consequences, the abolishment of free speech, the rapes, the murders, the terror attacks, the disruption of peaceful demonstrations.

Therefore, the victory of the Eurosceptic parties in Italy is not just a victory of morality; it is a victory of reason over the dark forces of greed and lust for power. It is a step away from the suicide of Western civilization.

A majority of EU member states is in the making that rejects the repulsive migrant policy of Junker and Merkel, of the Soros’ Open Society policy of mass migration. This majority will break the backbone of this failed globalist project.

The decision of the Italian voters must lead to a government that truly reflects this decision, a government that no longer accepts the dictates from the globalist elite, a government that gives Italy back to the Italians, a government of Matteo Salvini.


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